B2B business: how to improve transparency in the relationship with suppliers and avoid compliance problems

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of tracking all inter-company sales and purchase transactions?
Marcos Santos

Marcos Santos

The case of Lojas Americanas - which needs no detailed explanation in case you live in Brazil where this subject has taken over the conversation circles - can be considered a concrete representation of the delicate moment that Brazilian retail players such as Magazine Luiza and Magazine Luiza and Via, just to name the main ones.

Anticipation of receivables

The word that has prevailed in all news coverage about the problem goes by the name of "drawn risk"a modality of anticipation of receivables that, if not well managed within a process of financeprocess, is capable of generating headaches in compliance.

And problems with audits is everything every manager dreams of avoiding, isn't it?

The good part of this painful (and necessary) conversation is that this kind of bottleneck has already been predicted by experts attentive to the market movements that ran after it to develop a solution. 

Such is the case with our Easy B2B. We offer a platform that connects industries, franchises, retailers, suppliers, and distributors to offer the best personalized B2B buying and selling experiences. 

The solution for B2B negotiations

What we have developed is fully aligned with the best practices that ensure security in every B2B transaction, and gives our customers greater efficiency in managing inventory and stock. 

Among the highlights, one of the ones that most catch our customers' attention is the innovation that makes tracking of orders is done both on our platform and physically on the RFID order ballast.

All of this has a clear purpose: to ensure that the operation has the cash impact as initially foreseen in the negotiation, without setbacks in the middle of the road. 

And can our software help even more? You can always improve and that is what we are doing!

Artificial Intelligence in B2B

Once your company hires Easy B2B, it has on its screen precise inventory control with data provided in real time using artificial intelligence. With this, procurement professionals are able to have more assertive purchasing predictability.

It may seem logical, but it is not that obvious: retailers need to know what they are going to sell and when. However, this is something that 98% of the industry still ignores in practice. So much so that the result you not only imagine, but also know from the news. 

By putting on the shelves exactly what must be sold, we increase the efficiency and economy of the whole step by step of this chain: purchase map, POS spreadsheet, crossing information from stock maps... 

Confidence in the market

Easy B2B's platform is the best tool available in the market to assist in this mission. We can deliver to your company an I.B. base that generates insights through segmented data for decision making. As a result, it is possible to improve EBITDA by an average of 3% with the artificial intelligence developed by our staff.

As long as there is a lack of automation and integrated intelligence in retail, the market will be liable to witness things outside the curve, including from mature, listed companies. 

Our mission starts with helping businesses and increase efficiency through Easy B2B software, helping retailers thrive and thrive in markets with lenders. 

We were born to be the next generation of business-to-business buying and selling. We are the key turner in this market. 

Do you want to mitigate risks and not expose your company with news that compromise your reputation?
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Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of tracking of all purchases and sales operations between companies?

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