Autopel increases sales by 40% with the use of the Easy B2B Platform

Market leader in corporate supplies wins Innovation Award at Cubo Conecta 2022.

Autopel, a company with more than 20 years focused on providing solutions for automation, manufacturing and supply. With the Easy B2B platform, Autopel has achieved an increase of more than 2,600 stores with more than 700 different items in its operation.

Administration of more than 5,000 orders without increasing the commercial structure. All Purchase Orders integrated into a single platform generating savings and

end-to-end order autonomy.

With this, it was possible to consolidate the synchronization of several orders from different platforms and centralization in our B2B environment. The advance was immediate; orders that previously took 4 days to be manually typed began to be completed in 6 hours. This speed in processing orders allowed Autopel to have a monthly increase of +3,000 orders without increasing its sales team.

Autopel won the Cubo Conecta 2022 award in the Corporate Ninja category. This is a recognition for corporates that contributed to a positive experience in the open innovation journey, generating value for both the corporation and the startups.

We are on the right track, generating value for the B2B Market!

Check out the complete case in this link.

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