How Artificial Intelligence Drives Growth in the B2B Marketplace

The China In Box Journey with EASYB2B China In Box is an Asian food franchise that has conquered the taste buds of Brazilians and become the largest food chain of its kind in Latin America. With over 200 stores across the country, the brand faced complex challenges in managing supplies and ensuring product quality across all its franchises.
Carolina Nicoleti

Carolina Nicoleti

We're back to bring you more information on how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the B2B market, providing significant advances in business-to-business buying and selling operations. Today, we'll share China In Box's story in more depth and highlight how the partnership with EASYB2B is propelling the company to new heights of efficiency and success.

It was then that China In Box decided to take a step forward and adopt EASYB2B's innovative solution, based on artificial intelligence. By implementing EASYB2B's platform, China In Box was able to centralize all buying and selling operations, connecting industries, franchises, retailers, suppliers and distributors more quickly and efficiently.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence at China In Box

The results of this partnership were astounding. With EASYB2B's AI optimizing their processes, China In Box was able to reduce replenishment time in their stores by 20%. This agility was essential to ensure that all Chinese cuisine dishes maintained the same authentic taste and unmatched quality across all its franchises.

EASYB2B's CEO Renato Ferraz emphasizes that the platform's implementation speed also stands out, with the system running smoothly within 72 hours, something much more agile compared to other similar services that take weeks to achieve stability. This efficiency has allowed China In Box to focus on offering even better experiences to its customers and propel its business to new horizons.

Inventory Management Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

Another key aspect for China In Box was improving inventory management. Through EASYB2B's AI, the company got real-time predictions on best-selling items, avoiding product overstocks and shortages. This "smart stock technology" has provided much more efficient inventory management, reducing costs and waste.

Broadening B2B Market Horizons

China In Box's success with EASYB2B illustrates how integrated, AI-driven platforms are driving businesses across a range of B2B market sectors. In addition to the food industry, this dynamic approach can be successfully applied in other segments, such as retail, further expanding the possibilities for optimization and growth.

Another significant benefit for companies using the platform is the strengthening of the compliance sector, keeping operational processes in compliance with legal standards. The possibility of monitoring and analyzing the entire purchase process in real time drastically reduces the chances of fraud, providing a safer and more reliable business environment.

The Promising Future for the B2B Market with AI

As the global B2B e-commerce market continues to grow at impressive rates, companies such as China In Box and EASYB2B are leading the way with innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence. AI is proving to be a powerful tool to boost the growth, efficiency and competitiveness of B2B companies around the world.

At EASYB2B, we remain committed to providing the best solutions for our customers, helping them face the challenges of the B2B market with confidence and success. The partnership with China In Box is a testament to our commitment to promoting sustainable growth and operational excellence for all businesses.

We thank TECNOLETA for giving us this moment to share our achievements and trajectory. Our commitment is to continue transforming the way companies and suppliers interact, through innovative and highly effective technological solutions, driving the growth and success of our customers.

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