How digital transformation has changed B2B sales

The entry of the platform into the market has changed certain behaviors in B2B business. Among them, there are some business practices so widespread in Brazil that are proving to be increasingly outdated. For example: the performance of a commercial representative in each operation of this type, as is usually done in Brazil, has proven to be less effective and faster than when compared, for example, to the American market. With this, the need for changes promoted by the new market needs to optimize costs and increase profits is evident.

Using B2B Higher technology, Easy B2B has developed an easy-to-use platform that can deliver autonomy and flexibility to companies. In this way, a company representative gets more time to capture more sales with chances to generate more business for the organization. With this, there is no longer even the need to perform a long process that usually needs several approvals at a cost that could be saved.

For Renato Ferraz, digital transformation has completely changed buying and selling between companies. "The idea of Easy B2B is to change this buying and selling relationship even more. Although the commercial Internet has existed in Brazil since the 1990s, it has not been reflected within companies, and we are seeking to make this happen by 2022," concludes the CEO.

With digital transformation, B2B is seeing that this approach has to change. The efficient exchange of information is essential to ensure an excellent customer experience. By integrating the systems that support e-commerce such as content management systems (CMS), enterprise resource planning ( ERP), customer relationship management ( CRM), product information management (PIM), marketing automation (MA), etc.), a company can easily share valuable data between different departments.

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