how to reduce complexity in b2b commerce

How to reduce complexity in B2B commerce...

As a B2B business, the best way to stand out from the competition and ensure that customers stay with you for the long term is to reduce complexity in your buying and selling platform and make it easier for customers. For example, B2B buyers generally want to spend less time and energy researching and completing purchases, compared to retail buyers who are buying for themselves.

But finally, how to reduce complexity in B2B commerce?

There are many configurations that need to happen in the background in B2B buying and selling, including:

. Contract products and prices.
. Workflow approvals.
. Provide access and permissions for different roles within the team.

All of this should be set up within your e-commerce portal so that buyers never need to think about it. When logging in, for example, they should see only the products and prices that apply to them within a correct workflow. Look for a B2B first e-commerce platform that handles B2B requirements. Often B2C do not provide B2B-based services and functions. based on B2B. So you can scale up more quickly and access a single platform.

Want to learn more about how to reduce complexity in B2B commerce? We have prepared an e-book on the seven B2B best practices for successful B2B e-commerce. You can free download here.

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