Easy B2B facilitates business-to-business negotiations

The startup's purpose is to offer a platform that connects companies, franchises and suppliers in large volume supply purchases

Founded in 2019, Easy B2B is a digital retail startup aimed at facilitating the buying and selling process between businesses. Today its platform acts in the acquisition of products in an operation that is even reminiscent of the well-known marketplaces, a concept often associated with names such as Mercado Livre, Amazon and others focused on the final consumer. However, the difference with Easy B2B is that it operates exclusively between companies (the so-called B2B).

Digital Transformation in Corporate Procurement


One year after its foundation, Easy B2B felt the effects of digital transformation with the Covid-19 pandemic. With many companies being forced to digitize their processes, the startup emerged at the right time as the best solution on those occasions when a large company needed to purchase the supplies necessary for its operations. And Easy B2B proposes to solve this need for purchases of large volumes of materials with a few clicks. 

Customer Profiles


The startup has three distinct client profiles: distributors, franchisors, and large buyers. The master line that drives Easy B2B's work is common to all of them: "We have a platform where buyers can place orders for items and materials in large volumes such as paper, office and cleaning supplies. These orders are processed automatically, which saves time and money for our clients," explains Renato Ferraz, co-founder and CEO of Easy B2B.

Personalization as a business strategy


Large buyers have the advantage of the Easy B2B platform's customization. Because it is White Labelthe company can hire the platform in a system that can bear its name. All it has to do is issue a statement that from that moment on there is a system fully made to meet the peculiarities of B2B negotiations in an intuitive way. "Every time another company needs to buy these materials, it won't need to send an email with a list that can take hours or even days. The order can be placed directly through the platform instantly," Renato argues.

Monetization of the platform 


Payments for purchases made on the platform are made via bank draft or wire transfer. Today Easy B2B monetizes in three ways. The first model is the simplest, involving setup and payment of a monthly fee. Another pricing model involves payment by number of orders. "We also work with another model that is a percentage on the transaction volume (GMV) of that client. Depending on the client, its size or segment, we customize the pricing model," says Renato.

The origin of the idea


Easy B2B was born in an immersion in the Innovation Lab in San Francisco (USA) in 2019, at Startup Base Camp. "From that occasion, we remodeled our business to get where we are today, which is a technology platform that facilitates the process of buying and selling between companies," explains Rafael Ferraz, cofounder and CPTO of the startup.


The business was created with the perception that there would be some point in time when digital transformation would reach business-to-business negotiations. The premise was confirmed with pandemic, when Easy B2B registered an increase in new users joining its platform due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19. 


The indicators drew attention to the point that the startup's round was one of the most successful on the CapTable startup investment platform, where the project received funding from 349 investors. 

See the article published in Empresários Magazine (page 37) September 2022 issue here

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