Easy B2B makes for a great B2B trading experience

What makes a great experience in B2B commerce...

More and more business owners, executives, and managers are finding that B2B digital commerce is as critical or more critical to them than it is to B2C companies. Today's B2B buyers are more likely to educate themselves, find solutions, and buy online. The global B2B e-commerce market is more than three times the size of the B2C market and is expected to nearly double by 2027. To keep up with shoppers' expectations, companies must offer frictionless shopping, sales, payment, and logistics experiences optimized for B2B market expectations.

But anyway, what makes a great B2B commerce experience?

We can divide the experience in B2B commerce into three groups: efficiency, information, and accessibility. All B2B commerce needs to look at the whole experience but these are the main points. Simplifying the navigation of the product catalog is key to achieving a great B2B commerce experience on these three points.

Most B2B businesses have huge catalogs that are that are difficult to navigate. The naming conventions can also be obscure, especially when product development product development chooses names that make that make sense to them (for example, "Product-08TT"), but mean nothing to customers. When creating categories and product names based on how customers identify identify products, B2B salespeople can improve B2B salespeople can improve discovery and make search in a catalog more intuitive.

Combine with Technology

Look for a B2B e-commerce platform that has customizable search capabilities, advanced search features that allow you to parse vocabularies, and flexible control over the navigation that customers use to search for products and with menus so you can easily test and improve the way you organize products on the site.
Want to learn more about experience in B2B commerce? We have prepared an e-book on the seven B2B best practices for successful B2B e-commerce. You can download it for free here.

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