Websummit and the main trends for Procurement, what changes?

During this week is taking place the WEBSUMMIT in Lisbon, considered the world's most important event in Innovation and Technology, with trends for the coming years

Web3 comes with everything and many companies and experts making it clear that metaverse is far away, Intel itself says it will only have processors as Mark Zuckerberg showed honorably in 2026. It is quite fundamental according to some experts that there are problems in the world to solve earlier and more critical ones, it is the famous "doing the rice and beans", this was a phrase with Ingrid Barth CEO of fintech Linker and Natália Alexandria from CashU, something that was under discussion in Cubo Conecta. Attempting to do the basics by solving problems in an innovative way is the currency of the moment.

It was demonstrated few WEB3 solutions for the supply chain itself that in fact did not absorb in a concrete way what is already available in the market, but brought a stuffed package for the supply chain if they surf the wave, many things will improve as decentralized data, blockchain and much more dynamic information in tracking orders and secure connections with hardware in production line, it's worth an article only about this, who find valid comments that I can write with great pleasure. When? Difficult to predict, mainly due to the great resistance in Latin America with Middle Management.

We know there is a reality shock for VC's "Unicorns are under risk", only 24 unicorns emerged in the world in Q3 2022, compared to January, February and March 2021, there were 140, lowest since 2018.Jager McConnell, CEO Crunchbase

The world is putting its foot down, everyone is still learning how to do healthy businesses with good cash generation, the more late stage, the greater the impact for those who do not generate good cash. The funds have been making it clear that startups that go round will be subject to downround, and the founders are digesting this step.

Author: Renato Ferraz, CEO Easy B2B. WebSummit 2022 Coverage.

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